Ancestors of Joost, Margit en Hanneke Foppes
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What is this all about? Here you can find names, pictures and histories of our ancestors. Our mom, Corrie Arendz, started making family albums. We added what we could find on the web. Our roots are in Southeast Friesland and Northern Groningen in the Netherlands.

What is so interesting about all those old people? Firstly, we were fascinated by the origins of our names. Once mom went looking for the meaning of the second name of her brother "Patroclus". This led from a Saint venerated in Germany through a series of preachers in the Roemeling family to Emperor Charlemagne. Just as perhaps about one third of the European population, we share about one millionth of his genes. Here you can search our database. Most common family names include: Leistra, Roemeling, Arendz, Frieswijk Foppes, van der Werf, Oyer, de Boer, Postma, Kliphuis, Ayamuang, Hoekstra, van der Wal,Bouma, Pentermann, Zandstra, Mulder, Korthuis, Veenstra, Boersma and Hiemstra.

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Kerkje Duurswoude, Eddie Foppes is hier begraven
Kerkje Duurswoude, Eddie Foppes is hier begraven

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Thirdly, there are the stories, the "oral history". What did your parents en grandparents tell you about their memories, their parents, their family? It is often a tiny detail, a little thing that happened to you as a kid, by which a family member can be characterized, which you recognize perhaps in other family members. Below you can look at some of those personal histories (Dutch only). for photos for histories on individuals.

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There is always more to discover. One gets touched by all the suffering, those young kids who did not make it, women who died in childbirth. There are fascinating social changes in the fate of families over time. 18th Century rural land-owning families turn in to 19th century poor labourers, to change again into 20th century middle class city dwellers. For centuries families stay in a confined area of a few villages, to suddenly spread out into the world. To continue your own searches, here are a few links: